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Borealis delivers on promise of sustainable snowboards with the use of sicomin’s greenpoxy®

Borealis Snowboards is a French snowboard brand created in 2013 by Ben Hall, a snowboard enthusiast who grew up in the mountains around Geneva. With more than 30 years’ experience riding in the French Alps and other mountains, Borealis is proud to offer a diverse range of snowboards and split boards, each with their unique identity and style, that have been designed and developed with their rider’s specfic needs in mind.

Greenpoxy® bio resins facilitate  sustainable production  practices for zag™ skis

From a centre of technical excellence high in the French Alps in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, ski manufacturer ZAG™ designs products specfically for backcountry or ‘off piste’ skiing.  Their extensive range of Freeride, All-mountain, Freerando and Touring products are sold all over the world and are used by professional skiers in the most extreme conditions. ZAG’s innovative designs and rigorous materials selection criteria has ensured their products consistently demonstrate exceptional quality and performance.

Ketos all carbon epoxy kite foils and  boards with sicomin epoxy solutions

Sicomin has been supplying the marine industry’s innovators and pioneers for more than 35 years, manufacturing high-performance epoxy resins, adhesives and coating systems for stronger, lighter and faster marine craft around the world As the  development of Foiling – where a board or boat dlies above the water supported by hydrofoils – continues, Sicomin work alongside some of the sport’s most innovative artisans, providing the composite strength within these spectacular flying machines.